Submitted by keith on Fri, 09/30/2016 - 14:42

OARC's legal entity does business in California, and our physical infrastructure and finances are run from the San Francisco Bay area. Due to a recent change in arrangements, OARC is seeking a new provider of physical office services in the area, effective immediately.

We're seeking a number of things, they need not all come from the same organization, but OARC Members local to the area are preferred if possible:

  • a physical postal address that we can use to receive mail, checks etc, and as formal address of notice for various registrations
  • secure storage for 2-3 filing cabinets of paper records
  • access for our local book-keeper to the above on a roughly weekly basis
  • hot-desk/co-working facilities that 2-3 of our staff can drop in on for up to 2-3 weeks/year when we're working on our infrastructure and other business in the Bay area
  • ideally the location needs to be within 30 mins' drive of San Carlos and/or Fremont

While we have a small budget to pay for such services, its value is roughly that of increasing OARC Membership level by one tier. So we're open to paying or an in-kind arrangement to cover this, but it is our preference that we have some kind of formal service contract, and that this is transparent to all OARC members. A fuller, more formal set of requirements are available here

Please contact <> if you think your organization might be able to help with this.