OARC, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation formed under the laws of the State of Delaware. The corporation was created June 30, 2008 (file number 4569769).

Staff - Team

Name Position
Keith Mitchell President, Secretary
Matt Pounsett Systems Engineer
Steve Sullivan Membership Coordinator
Jerry Lundstrom Software Engineer
Denesh Bhabuta Events Coordinator
Pam Stone Book-Keeper

Board of Directors

OARC, Inc. is governed by a six-person Board of Directors composed of Member representatives elected by the membership to serve two-year terms. The current Directors are:

Name   Role
Ray Bellis   At-Large Director
Jacques Latour   Treasurer, At-Large Director
Benno Overeinder   Chair, At-Large Director
Jaromir Talíř   At-Large Director, PC Liaison
Joao Damas   At-Large Director
Paul Ebersman   At-Large Director