Submitted by keith on Mon, 04/09/2018 - 20:25

DNS-OARC Conduct Policy

DNS-OARC's member community and workshops exist as an open environment which encourages information sharing and learning, to build an inclusive and welcoming community between the professionals who enable, operate and study the Internet's Domain Name System.

By participating in OARC activities, whether online, or in person at an OARC workshop, you are confirming your commitment to follow these principles.

  • When participating, treat others with tolerance, respect and courtesy, regardless of who they are and who you are.
  • Conduct which is felt to be disrespectful, disruptive, harassing or discriminatory does not belong at OARC. We are especially sensitive to behaviour that offends based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, religion, race, nationality or ethnic origin; or other perceived social, cultural or personal differences.
  • This policy does not prohibit disagreement or vigorous debate, but participants should always avoid personal comments. Free speech and an open exchange of ideas are encouraged and celebrated. Nobody should feel hesitant or afraid to participate in discussions. Demeaning, intimidating or harming anyone in the OARC community is prohibited.
  • OARC fosters a transparent and accountable professional environment. Anonymous subscriptions and postings to OARC mailing lists and media channels are discouraged.
  • Activity which is illegal, breaches the terms of the OARC Participation Agreement, or endangers the safety of others is prohibited.
  • If you feel as though you are not being treated with respect and courtesy by another OARC participant, or you feel uncomfortable with behaviour you experience or witness and need someone to talk to, then approach a member of the OARC Staff or Board, who will have their workshop badges clearly marked, or email <>. We will do what we can to help resolve such misunderstandings or disagreements. All reports will be handled confidentially.
  • Please be aware that anyone failing to respect this Conduct Policy may, at the discretion of the OARC Board, be subject to suspension without refund, expulsion from an OARC workshop, and/or other actions may be taken as deemed necessary.


This policy is established and amended, from time to time, by the OARC Board.