Introduction to DNS-OARC

The DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS-OARC) brings together key operators, implementors, and researchers on a trusted platform so they can coordinate responses to attacks and other concerns, share information and learn together.

DNS-OARC has five key functions:

  • Information Sharing. DNS-OARC provides a trusted, shared platform to allow the DNS operations community to share information and data. Stringent confidentiality requirements and secure communications mean that proprietary information can be shared on a bilateral basis.
  • Operational Characterization. As Internet traffic levels continue to grow, the demand on root and other key nameservers will outgrow the current infrastructure: this year's DDoS attack traffic levels will become next year's steady state load. DNS-OARC measures the performance and load of key nameservers and publish statistics on both traffic load and traffic type (including error types).
  • Workshops. DNS-OARC organizes semi-annual workshops where members and the public are invited to give presentations on timely topics relevant to DNS both operations and research.
  • Analysis. Leading researchers and developers provide long-term analysis of DNS performance and post-mortems of attacks so that institutional learning occurs. A well-provisioned system allows members to upload traces and logs, and to perform their own analysis.
  • Tools and Services. As vulnerabilities and DNS problems come to light, DNS-OARC develops publicly available tools and services to assist with highlighting, diagnosing, and remedying such problems.

DNS-OARC participants fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Operators of root, TLD, or large commercial nameservers who consume DNS technology and produce DNS services.
  • Implementers who produce DNS technology including software, appliances, and network elements such as load balancing hardware.
  • Researchers whose work has a strong DNS emphasis and who need access to trace and log data about the global DNS under both "normal" and "abnormal" conditions.
  • Security Providers whose companies offer products and services that utilize DNS information to improve the security of their customers.

To inquire about membership, or for any other questions, please contact the OARC Admin.

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OARC's TLDmon Service

OARC's TLDmon uses Nagios to monitor operational characteristics of authoritative nameservers for the Root Zone and all Top Level Domains. TLDmon checks for authoritative answers, EDNS support, lame delegations, consistent NS RR sets, open resolvers, expired RRSIGs, matching serial numbers, and TCP support. As the Domain Name System continues its evolution, it becomes increasingly important that these critical nameservers are configured correctly.

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Root Zone Archive

With the assistance of its members and friends (especially AFNIC, RIPE, former OARC Secretariat Paul Vixie, and Paul Hoffman) DNS-OARC has assembled a historical archive of the DNS root zone dating back to July 1999. This Root Zone Archive is a part of our larger project, the Zone File Repository.

Root Zone Trends

The following graph shows trends in the contents of the root zone:

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OARC Degraded Service

Update: As of 06:00 PST 2014-01-28, we believe all OARC services have been fully restored. Please contact us if you see anything not working as expected.

The failure of a power supply distribution component at our Redwood City location caused a number of OARC servers to crash late on Sunday 26th January. As a consequence, various OARC services are unavailable until we can restore these servers. The affected servers have been moved to alternate power supplies until we are able to repair/replace the supply to the impacted rack, and we are working to restore services from backups, with a current estimate of Wed/Thu 29th/30th Jan to complete this.

The following services are affected

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OARC 2013 AGM Board Election Results

The following candidates were elected to the OARC Board for 2-year terms:

  • Chris Griffiths (Dyn)
  • Matt Pounsett (Afilias)
  • Duane Wessels (Verisign)

OARC welcomes and congratulates the new Board members on their successful election.

We thank the unsuccessful candidates:

  • Wayne Maclaurin (Demand Media/eNom)
  • Bill Manning (ISI)
  • Kevin Thomas (Minds and Machines)

for their willingness to stand for election.

OARC wishes to express its significant gratitude to the outgoing Board members Peter Koch and Suzanne Woolf for their long-standing service.

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2013 OARC Elections

During the 2013 OARC Annual General Meeting we will be electing potentially three seats on the OARC Board of Directors. The seats becoming available are doing so on the following basis:

  • Existing Board member Peter Koch's (DENIC) two-year term has ended
  • Existing Board member Matt Pounsett's (Afilias) two-year term has ended.
  • A proposed resolution will convert the appointed Board seat currently reserved for the Secretariat Director, held by Suzanne Woolf (ISC) to an elected at-Large seat.
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New TLD Applicants Make Major Infrastructure Donation to DNS-OARC

DNS-OARC is pleased to announce we have received a substantial one-off equipment donation from a number of its Members in common with the the New TLD Applicant Group.

This is allowing these and other OARC members to perform independent analysis on OARC's Day in the Life of the Internet (DITL) data-set, to further understand the results of ICANN's " High-Risk Strings Collisions" study.

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ICANN Makes Major Infrastructure Donation to DNS-OARC

DNS-OARC is pleased to announce we have received a substantial one-off equipment donation from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

This is allowing OARC members to perform analysis on OARC's Day in the Life of the Internet (DITL) data-set, to gain a deeper understanding of the results of ICANN's " High-Risk Strings Collisions" study.

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DNS-OARC Supports High-Risks Strings Collisions Studies

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OARC 2013 AGM and Elections (Phoenix)

The DNS-OARC 2013 Annual General Meeting will take place on the 5th of October during the members-only session at the start of OARC's Fall 2013 Workshop, in Chandler, Arizona, USA.

In addition to regular AGM business, there are a number of key resolutions which affect OARC Governance as part of implementing the 2013 OARC Development Plan . The meeting agenda can be found here.

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