DNS-OARC is pleased to announce we have received a substantial one-off equipment donation from a number of its Members in common with the the New TLD Applicant Group.

This is allowing these and other OARC members to perform independent analysis on OARC's Day in the Life of the Internet (DITL) data-set, to further understand the results of ICANN's " High-Risk Strings Collisions" study.

Thanks to this support, OARC has been quickly able to take delivery of, and bring into service, the significant equipment donation of 2 x Dell r810 servers. These are very high spec machines, with 64-core processors and 144GB of RAM. They substantially upgrade OARC's analysis capability, and will be of immense value not just for ongoing Collisions studies, but for general-purpose needs of OARC members and researchers for some years into the future.

OARC wishes to gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the following Members of this group:

for this equipment donation, and we look forward to continuing to work with our members, partners and the research community to continue meeting the need for neutral an inde pendent gathering, analysis and research of data from the operational DNS.