DNS-OARC is pleased to announce that we have received a substantial one-off donation from <a href="http://www.verisign.com">Verisign</a> to assist with OARC development.
This, together with future member meeting sponsorship support as well as higher than expected rates of member upgrades and premium renewals, has allowed us to revise our 2013 budget on a notably increased revenue base.
Verisign's donation is being used for two main purposes:<ul>
<li>to increase the staff time available to devote to OARC operations and development, now a total of 1.75 FTE
<li>to purchase new server hardware including support of services to the DNS Root Operators
All of this allows OARC to move at a faster pace on its Development plan - we would like to gratefully acknowledge Verisign's generosity, and look forward to similar development assistance for OARC from other parties in future.