During the 2014 OARC Annual General Meeting we will be electing three seats on the OARC Board of Directors. The seats becoming available are doing so on the following basis:
  • Existing Board member Antoin Verschuren's (SIDN) two-year term has ended. Antoin will not be standing for re-election.
  • Existing Board member Ondrej Filip's (CZ.NIC) two-year term has ended. Ondrej will be standing for re-election.
  • Existing Board member John Crain's two-year term has ended. This seat was originally appointed as the Root Operator's representative, but was converted last year to an at-Large elected position, and John is re-standing for election representing ICANN on this new basis.
  • Additionally, existing Board member Matt Pounsett is stepping down from the Board seat held by Afilias he was elected to last year. As this is the middle of the 2-year term, this seat is not being offered for election, but is being filled by Afilias appointing James Galvin as their new representative.

The candidates and their election platforms are given below.

If you won't be able to attend the Annual General Meeting in person, please submit a proxy form to OARC's Membership Co-ordinator Sue Graves.

We will be using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) "Scottish Method" for the election. On your ballot you will rank the candidates from 1 to 5. You should give "1" to your highest-ranked candidate and "5" to your lowest-ranked candidate. You may leave candidates un-ranked if you have less than 5 preferences.


George Michaelson (APNIC)

George is Senior R&D Officer at APNIC and has been actively involved in DNS-OARC and DNS research in general over the years. I want to help maintain DNS OARC as the neutral point meeting place for discussions of DNS related research, and as an entity holding and collecting data for exploring the questions which DNS as a service, namespace and protocol is facing. I think its immensely valuable to the wider community. I believe the board should be a support to the paid staff, and empower then and the volunteers who run the PC and meetings and related activities to get on with the job.

Ondrej Filip (CZ.NIC)

First of all I would like to thank the members for the opportunity to serve as a board member for last four years and last two years as chairman. I believe a lot of work has been done during this period and DNS-OARC has changed significantly. We have completely restarted the company. The most important task was to hire a new president and CEO and I am very proud to say, that the board performed very well in this role and found an excellent candidate, Keith. The number of members and activities has grown significantly during this period. Therefore we prepared significant changes in the company bylaws and governance to be able to sustain this growth in the future. We have also created a new company strategy that describes what we can expect in near future. DNS-OARC started to employ new people which increased quantity and quality of its operation as well as the quality of the workshop organization. All these achievements lead me to ask the membership for one more and last chance to serve in the board. I plan to candidate for the chairman position again. I have been involved in networking and Internet since 1992. I have served in several executive and non-executive positions at ISP and IXP and I have been working at CZ.NIC (administrator of .cz domain) since 2004. CZ.NIC does not just focus on management of TLD .cz, but it has a significant R&D department that contributes to the research and development in DNS area. Therefore CZ.NIC is a very active DNS-OARC member contributing to almost every meeting. We hosted the 2010 meeting in Prague. CZ.NIC is a strong supporter of DNS-OARC.

John Crain (ICANN)

I have been a supporter of DNS-OARC from it's foundation and took the position on DNS-OARC on behalf of the Root Server Operators two years ago. DNS-OARC has made good progress on a path towards building a sustainable organization over the last two years and I have been happy to be part of those discussions. However we still have a long way to go towards completing that goal and I would be happy to continue to work on the board with this in mind. I have worked in the Identifier Industry since 1995 when I worked at the RIPE NCC, the Regional Internet Registry (DNS-OARC member and operator of k.root-servers.net) and joined ICANN in 2000 where I lead the program to operate L.root-servers.net as well as other technology projects. I currently serve as the Chief SSR Officer at ICANN. I have enjoyed working with the Board and hope my contributions have been valuable. I hope to be given the opportunity by the members to continue contributing in a positive manner to DNS-OARC.

Don Blumenthal (PIR)

I am a relative newcomer to DNS-OARC, having become involved after PIR renewed its interest in the group’s work. The new focus came about because of renewed confidence in the mission and activities of the organization, and I think I can contribute to future efforts. I bring a somewhat unusual set of experience to the table, having been involved in operational security as a systems manager, a member of law enforcement, and a consultant, but also in technical policy and legal matters as an attorney, policy analyst, and university professor.