During the 2015 OARC Annual General Meeting we will be electing three seats on the OARC Board of Directors. The seats becoming available are doing so on the following basis:
  • Existing Board member Duane Wessels (for Verisign) has served for two-years and his seat is up for election by rotation.
  • The Board seat held for Dyn by Dave Knight since April 2015 has reached the end of its two-year term, and is up for election by rotation. Dave will be standing for re-election.
  • The Board seat held for Afilias by Jim Galvin since October 2014 has reached the end of its two-year term, and is up for election by rotation. Jim will be standing for re-election.

The candidates and their election platforms are given below.


James Galvin (Afilias)

I am the Director of Strategic Relationships and Technical Standards at Afilias. My career started in network security research and I continue to focus on the development of strategic initiatives in secure and robust operations in all aspects of networking and the life cycle of a domain name. DNS-OARC is an essential, neutral, strategic partner to the community promoting DNS research through data collection and analysis. I have had the pleasure of serving on the Board for the past year, taking over the remainder of the term of a vacated position. I joined a work in progress reshaping the organization and its activities. It has been a rewarding experience joining the management team to ensure that DNS-OARC continues both to be the partner the DNS research community needs to promote greater understanding of our DNS infrastructure, and to grow to be the sustainable organization its members need to facilitate those partnerships. I hope that my contributions have been valuable and I would very much welcome the opportunity to continue contributing to DNS-OARC in a positive way.

Paul Ebersman (Comcast)

I’ve been building and supporting internet infrastructure since 1984, when I was in the US Air Force, and large scale DNS since 1990, as an early employee of UUNET. I have continued this involvement over the years, including working at ISC, Nominum and Infoblox. In addition to involvement with various operational organizations such as NANOG and RIPE, I have been on the DNSOARC program committee since it was expanded beyond just Keith Mitchell. The work DNSOARC does is critical in sharing best current practices and operational experience, attracting & training new talent and making data available for research. I would be honored to continue and expand these efforts, as well as extend the currency and relevance of OARC.

David Knight (Dyn)

Thank you for considering me for election to the DNS OARC board of directors. I'm standing on behalf of, and with the support of, my colleagues at Dyn, where we are engaged in the implementation and operation of global Internet performance infrastructure of which DNS is a critical component. We have a lot of enthusiasm for DNS OARC at Dyn and are eager to participate and serve the community where we can. I've been involved with DNS OARC since its early days. I have participated as a root server operator and as the operator of prominent TLDs. As an ISC employee I built some of the early OARC infrastructure. I was a member of the policy council, and the first board of directors. I was involved in gathering data around the deployment of DNSSEC in the root zone and I've presented at several workshops. I believe that I have a valuable contribution to make in the future guidance of DNS OARC and I would be grateful for your support. I think that facilitating good research is one of DNS OARC's pillars: research feeds the conversations that we come to DNS OARC meetings to have; those conversations inform operations and ultimately make the global DNS infrastructure stronger. Good research requires not only relevant data that is easily accessible, but also awareness that the data exists and is available. I would like to see DNS OARC strengthen both collection and analysis of data through better accessibility: improved tools, training, workshops and outreach. This will be a focus of my attention if I am elected to the board.

Duane Wessels (Versign)

On behalf of my Verisign colleagues I am standing for re-election to a seat on the Board of Directors. As an operator of several high-profile DNS services, Verisign very much appreciates the role that DNS-OARC plays in our industry. We receive a lot of value from our participation in DNS-OARC and want to play an active role in its continued growth and evolution. As for myself, at Verisign I have roles both in the Verisign Labs research group and in the resolution operations team. I've enjoyed my time as a Board member the previous two years. I've been the board liaison to the Program Committee and last year was appointed as DNS-OARC's treasurer. I remain very active as a user of DNS-OARC's data and services, and as a participant in our semi-annual workshops. Both Verisign and myself will appreciate your vote in this year's Board of Directors election.