During the 2017 OARC Annual General Meeting OARC Members will be electing three seats on the OARC Board of Directors. The seats becoming available are doing so on the following basis:

  • The Board seat for Verisign, is held by Duane Wessels who has served for two-years, and is up for election by rotation.
  • The Board seat for Dyn/Oracle, currently held by Liam Hynes, has been occupied for two-years and is up for election by rotation.
  • The Board seat for Comcast, currently held by Peter Hagopian, has been occupied for two-years and is up for election by rotation.
  • Ondrej Sury is stepping down from the seat held by NIC.CZ due to a change in employment. As this seat has a year of term to run, NIC.CZ are appointing a replacement representative to this seat. Ondrej Sury is thus re-standing for election to one of the 3 available seats as a representative of his new employer, ISC.

Note that OARC Board seats are held by Member organizations, not individuals - when an organization is elected to a Board position, it is their responsibility to appoint an individual representative to that seat. There is a proposal before the 2017 AGM to change this for future elections (2018 onwards), but the elections for 2017 will be conducted under the current system whatever the outcome of that proposal

The candidates and their election platforms are given below.


David Lawrence (Akamai)

Akamai Technologies depends on a well-functioning Domain Name System every second of the day, and supports DNS-OARC in its mission of researching and advancing the modern DNS. I now have more than three decades as a member of the Internet community, and seek to serve DNS-OARC with my experience from Usenet administrative co-ordinator to BIND9 co-author to standards process participant.

Peter Hagopian (Comcast)

Although I have only served a few months on the DNS-OARC board thus far, I'm excited to stand for re-election. Comcast has long shown its commitment to DNS-OARC's mission, both through membership and by helping to fund projects such as DROOL (DNS Replay Tool). I share the same enthusiasm for the organization and its role in the DNS community.

The role of reliable, secure DNS services has arguably never been more important, and DNS-OARC and our twice-yearly workshops continue to be an invaluable opportunity to bring people - researchers, analysts, engineers, operators and many others - together to share ideas. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting more involved in DNS-OARC over the past few years, and hope to have the opportunity to continue to serve as a member of the board.

Ondřej Surý (ISC)

Internet Systems Consortium is a non-profit supporting the Internet infrastructure with development of open-source project, namely BIND, Kea and ISC DHCP. As I have recently change places from CZ.NIC to ISC to serve the Internet and DNS Community as Director of DNS Engineering, I am standing for re-election for DNS-OARC Board to support the DNS to be the reliable technology. I have served as DNS-OARC Board vice-chair and I would like to continue the work for the good of DNS-OARC as a board member because I think the DNS-OARC is the best platform for DNS people to meet, discuss and collaborate on the past, present and the future of the DNS.

Ralf Weber (Nominum)

I am a principal architect responsible for designing large DNS deployments for our customers. Prior to that I worked at ISPs and Telecommunications companies in Europe providing DNS services to subscribers and businesses. I am also active in the RIPE and IETF communities and was on the technical advisory board for DENIC when .de got DNSSEC signed.

If elected I want to help DNS-OARC to grow further and continue to be the organisation for everything DNS operation related, that also runs the workshops to be at if you want to know more about DNS.

My public profile can be found at: https://de.linkedin.com/in/fl1ger

Liam Hynes (Oracle)


Shumon Huque (Salesforce)

Salesforce would like to nominate Shumon Huque as candidate for OARC board member.

Salesforce greatly appreciates the important service DNS-OARC provides to the DNS industry, and derives tremendous value from our association with the organization. Numerous Salesforce staff play active roles in the DNS industry and protocol standardization efforts (including Allison Mankin, chair of the IRTF, and Tim Wicinski, co-chair of the IETF DNSOP and DPRIVE working groups). Salesforce would like to continue to develop, strengthen, and grow the DNS-OARC organization.

Shumon Huque is a Principal Software Engineer at Salesforce in the Public DNS team, where he is involved in all aspects of the external DNS infrastructure and its integration with applications, including currently leading a large scale deployment of DNSSEC for the Salesforce infrastructure. Prior to his arrival at Salesforce, he was a Principal Research Scientist at Verisign Labs. In this role, he conducted a variety of R&D activities in naming systems, networking, and security protocol, as well as acting as technical advisor to the Verisign CTO. Before Verisign, Shumon spent many years at the University of Pennsylvania in a variety of roles including UNIX Systems Administrator, Systems Programmer, Network Engineer, Engineering Director, and Adjunct Faculty. He was the principal designer and architect of Penn's DNS/DNSSEC, authentication infrastructure, and IPv6 deployment. Shumon also played a prominent role in early adoption, prototyping, and promotion of advanced protocols (like DNSSEC and IPv6) in the US Research & Education community. Shumon holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from Penn.

Shumon actively participates in external venues like the IETF, DNS-OARC, and NANOG. Over the past few years, he has been a regular attendee and speaker at DNS-OARC. He also serves on the ICANN RSSAC Caucus.

Duane Wessels (Verisign)

On behalf of my Verisign colleagues I am standing for re-election to a seat on the Board of Directors. As an operator of several high-profile DNS services, Verisign very much appreciates the role that DNS-OARC plays in our industry. We receive a lot of value from our participation in DNS-OARC and want to play an active role in its continued growth and evolution. I've enjoyed my time as a Board member the previous four years. I've previously been the board liaison to the Program Committee, the treasurer, and am now serving as the board chairman. I remain very active as a user of DNS-OARC's data and services, and as a participant in our semi-annual workshops. Both Verisign and myself will appreciate your vote in this year's Board of Directors election.