During the 2020 OARC Annual General Meeting OARC Members will be electing three seats on the OARC Board of Directors. The seats becoming available are doing so on the following basis:

  • The Board seat held by Jaromír Talíř, who has served for two years, is up for election by rotation.
  • The Board seat held by Jacques Latour, who has served for 2 two-year terms, is up for election by rotation.
  • The Board seat held by George Michaelson is up for election due to his having served the term-limit of six years/three terms on the OARC Board.

Note that Board seats are held in an individual rather than Member organization capacity. Candidates however must have been nominated by, and employed by or affiliated with, a DNS-OARC Member in good standing

The candidates and their election platforms are given below.



Joe Abley (PIR)

I have been participating in technical community organisations of one shape or another for most of the last twenty-five years. I was a founding trustee of NZNOG, chair of the steering committee of NANOG and continue to be a volunteer instructor at NSRC and a member of SSAC. I am also a part-time graduate student at Western University in the MESc programme.

I have experience in management and as a technical contributor in both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations, and have been variously responsible for the operation of DNS root servers, TLD servers and enterprise DNS services. I led the team at ICANN that contributed towards the deployment of DNSSEC in the root zone in 2010 and was one of the people who woken up by increasingly urgent phone calls on 21 October 2016 when Dyn's DNS platform started to receive a lot of traffic due to the planet's sudden preoccupation with low-price, network-attached baby monitors.

I am currently employed as CTO of Public Interest Registry, the home of dot-ORG, responsible for managing the technical strategy of the company with the help of some talented colleagues. Our current areas of focus are data analytics, a better understanding of DNS abuse and technical community engagement, all of which we think are important attributes of any DNS registry that strives to be exemplary.

I have been a participant and enthusiast at DNS-OARC since its inception. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to contribute to its future success.


Geoff Huston (APNIC)

APNIC is strongly supporting of the efforts of OARC to sustain a community with a common interest in the operation of the internet’s domain name infrastructure.

Geoff Huston has experience in the governance of not-for-profit entities in the Internet and would bring this experience to OARC to assist it in its mission. The process of evolution is always at work in the Internet and necessarily this implies that organisations need to adapt to maintain sustainability and relevance. in nominating Geoff Huston, APNIC is confident that he would provide guidance and support to OARC to facilitate OARC’s further development and service to the community.


Jacques Latour (CIRA)

I have been on the DNS-OARC board as Treasurer since October 2016 and looking forward to return for another term.

I’m the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). I’m responsible for CIRA Labs and for providing leadership and direction for the management and security of the .CA registry and its underlying DNS, critical components of Canada’s national Internet infrastructure. I am also a very active contributor to the Canadian and international Internet communities. Since 2012, I’ve spearheaded CIRA’s very successful initiative to encourage and support the development of a national, robust network of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) to diminish Canada’s unnecessary dependence on out-of-country infrastructure, enhance domestic Internet performance and decrease costs. I also served as the catalyst for the creation of a national Canadian IXP association, CA-IX, and I have been a board member of the Manitoba Internet Exchange’s (MBIX.CA) since 2013, of Saskatoon Internet Exchange (YXEIX.CA) since March 2018 and of Ottawa-Gatineau Internet Exchange (OGIX.CA) since April 2018.

Beyond my deep technical knowledge, it is through my 20+ years of experience as an IT executive and corporate officer that I hope to continue my contribution to the DNS-OARC board. I understand the day to day challenges of a ‘small business’ like DNS-OARC faces in terms of making sure the bills get paid while at the same time delivering high quality services. I believe that my business and management experience continue to be useful in addressing these challenges.

You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn profile. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacqueslatour/

Disclosure: CIRA donates colocation space and transit to DNS-OARC for their backup infrastructure.


David Lawrence (Salesforce)

I have been a member of the DNS community for over two decades, as a co-author on BIND 9, an active participant in the standards process, and a software engineer and architect for ISC, Nominum, Akamai, Oracle, and now the DNS team at Salesforce. With passions for both technology and policy, I have a very strong interest in the ongoing health of the Domain Name System and the institutions that support it. Having served previously on the DNS-OARC Board of Directors, and volunteered my time for the Privacy committee, I see the potential for additional growth of the organization and I'd like to help facilitate that.


Jaromír Talíř (CZ.NIC)

I'm involved in DNS business for last 14 years, all the time in CZ.NIC's jersey. Over that period, I've been working on different positions related to CZ registry and DNS infrastructure operations. Last four years I've been also serving as co-chair of CENTR Technical Working group. In DNS-OARC Board, I'd like to continue providing ccTLD's view of DNS-OARC role.