Welcome to DNS-OARC! 

This page will provide you with information and links you might find useful in the early days of navigating your new membership and benefits.

Please note that anonymous participation is highly discouraged in OARC's professional community as it works against openness and transparency. All Members are subject to the same Participation Agreement which enables this openness while simultaneously ensuring OARC is a safe, secure & neutral venue where Members and the wider DNS Community can freely share information and engage in vigorous discourse. We ask that you make sure you can be identified easily in Mattermost* and in the OARC Member Directory in Portal under Services.


  • Log into https://portal.dns-oarc.net/ to verify your email address and existing information there is correct and add any missing info including SSH and PGP keys.
  • Verify the company information and all details are correct. Organization Managers can make or request updates to this information.
  • If you are an Organization Manager, designate your Board Election voting Representatives now using the Change Voting Rep button. It can be changed anytime.
  • Please refer to the manual THE OARC PORTAL, A quick ‘Crash Course’ Guide* to jump start your participation at OARC  -  NEW - Events on Page 6 for Member discount codes*

Mailing Lists

  • You will subscribed to the OARC Members private mail list (members@dns-oarc.net) automatically via Portal as a Normal contact or an Organization Manager to stay on top of important announcements, news and other information pertinent to active OARC Members only.
  • Sign up for dns-operations mailing list - An open public forum for informal reporting, tracking, resolving, and discussing DNS operational issues including outages, attacks, errors, failures, and features.
  • DNS-OARC Hosted Public Mailing Lists-Listing of all the public mailing lists on lists.dns-oarc.net

Mattermost Chat

  • For step by step instructions on Mattermost use, click Mattermost Crash Course
  • Browser Client Login: https://chat.dns-oarc.net/
  • Download desktop Apps for IOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Ensure you have both teams, Members and Community signified by M and C icons.
  • Add channels of interest using + symbol
  • Basic Mattermost instructions can be found at https://www.dns-oarc.net/oarc/services/chat with a link to Mattermost's documentation at the bottom.
  • Members Team is for Active Members only, and subject to the same Participation Agreement
  • *Add your full (First and Last) name the Company you represent and Position and/or role search for/contact you in for urgent community incident response, and far quicker & easier as a newcomer to establish community trust & credibility in the OARC member community & the wider DNS community at-large on Mattermost.
  • Be sure to introduce yourself and engage in conversations.


IMPORTANT: OARC Members and Supporters should use the same e-mail address they use to register on OARC’s Portal.  This is typically one's work e-mail address.

Participate/Collaborate/Communicate - Here's how!

  • Attend Workshops online or in-person using your Member Discount Code to meet, speak and eat with DNS Experts from around the world.
  • Submit an abstract. All DNS-related subjects and suggestions for discussion topics are welcome at Workshops and curated by the Programme Committee.
  • Use OARC Data and publish/present the results of analysis of this Data at DNS-OARC workshops or other public fora.
  • Submit an idea, make a suggestion, request a feature, sponsor a project on Github and ask questions about these tools and their use in Mattermost.
  • Get to know the Board of Directors and OARC Staff their backgrounds along with Staff functional roles.
  • Reach out to contacts in the Member Directory in Portal under Services.
  • Volunteer for the OARC Board of Directors, the Programme Committee, and Privacy Committee.
  • Start a conversation in, open a public channel or request a private channel in Mattermost Chat.
  • Create an account on MastoDNS.net, OARC's self-hosted and secure Mastadon server.

OARC Data and DITL

  • Data Catalog - One of OARC's functions is to collect and archive DNS-related data from its members. This data is available to members for research and operational use.
  • DITL - a large-scale data collection project initially undertaken by CAIDA and subsequently by OARC every year since 2006.
  • After adding your SSH key to portal, you will need to contact admin@dns-oarc.net to get your own sign-on credentials. Sign-on sharing is a security issue and therefore not permitted.
  • All publication of Derivative Data must include conspicuous acknowledgment of that DNS-OARC was the source, and before submission to any outside public fora, obtain written permission from and allow DNS-OARC to verify compliance with all terms of the Data Sharing Agreement (Appendix A) and/or Participation Agreement common to OARC Participants and other Data Contributors.

OARC Workshops and other events past, present & future

Open Source DNS Tools maintained by OARC - analysis & measurement

  • DNS-OARC software - A key part of DNS-OARC's mission is to develop, maintain and host various software tools for DNS data collection, measurement and analysis. You can find a list of these tools here.

Use these Hosted Services

  • DNSVIZ - a tool for visualizing the status of a DNS zone.
  • AS112 Project Site & Mailing List -  to support volunteer  server operators that answer reverse DNS lookups for private network and link-local addresses sent to the public Internet
  • Check My DNS - Developed by OARC Software Engineer, Jerry Lundström


When in doubt, reach out to stevos@dns-oarc.net and/or cc admin@dns-oarc.net.

Thanks for supporting DNS-OARC and for participating in our community.