The DNS-OARC 2013 Annual General Meeting will take place on the 5th of October during the members-only session at the start of OARC's Fall 2013 Workshop, in Chandler, Arizona, USA.

In addition to regular AGM business, there are a number of key resolutions which affect OARC Governance as part of implementing the 2013 OARC Development Plan . The meeting agenda can be found here.

The governance changes include replacing the current 2 appointed positions on the OARC Board with elected members. As a consequence of this, in addition to regular rotation of OARC Directors, we have potentially 3 Board seats to fill by election at this AGM.

We are looking for nominations for candidates willing to serve a two-year term on the Board and contribute to the continued growth of OARC. The Board meets monthly, by teleconference, to review DNS-OARC operations. We expect our directors to actively contribute to the various ongoing, email based, discussions and provide feedback as needed.

An ideal candidate will be one with the business experience to help formulate strategy and guide the policy that drives DNS-OARC, and who can increase the diversity of the OARC Board to reflect our broad spectrum of members. To be eligible, a candidate must be from an DNS-OARC Member in good standing.

If you would like to nominate (or self-nominate) a candidate, please send an email to with a brief background. We will be asking nominees for a statement of interest and will post these online with a list of current nominees.

The list of current nominees is available here and will be updated as candidates step forward.

The deadline for nominations is end of October 1st 2013