OARC Spring 2014 Workshop and EGM (Warsaw)

The agenda for DNS-OARC's 2014 Spring Workshop and Member EGM on the 10th and 11th May, in Warsaw, Poland is now available here.

This will be held at the same location the subsequent RIPE68 meeting, and we're grateful to Microsoft and Verisign for being our main sponsors for this workshop.

Our talks include a study of Open Resolvers, on detection of Botnet Domains, and on connection-oriented improvements to DNS security. There's also a review of new IETF work on DNS privacy, and a survey of the Namecoin P2P DNS system. A big thank you to our speakers and programme committee for putting a packed agenda together.

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OARC's TLDmon Service

OARC's TLDmon uses Nagios to monitor operational characteristics of authoritative nameservers for the Root Zone and all Top Level Domains. TLDmon checks for authoritative answers, EDNS support, lame delegations, consistent NS RR sets, open resolvers, expired RRSIGs, matching serial numbers, and TCP support. As the Domain Name System continues its evolution, it becomes increasingly important that these critical nameservers are configured correctly.

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Root Zone Archive

With the assistance of its members and friends (especially AFNIC, RIPE, former OARC Secretariat Paul Vixie, and Paul Hoffman) DNS-OARC has assembled a historical archive of the DNS root zone dating back to July 1999. This Root Zone Archive is a part of our larger project, the Zone File Repository.

Root Zone Trends

The following graph shows trends in the contents of the root zone:

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NCAP - Network Capture Library and Tools (like libpcap and tcpdump)

ncap is a network capture utility like libpcap (on which it is based) and tcpdump. It produces binary data in ncap(3) format, either on standard output (by default) or in successive dump files. This utility is similar to tcpdump(1), but performs IP reassembly and generates framing-independent portable output. ncap is expected to be used for gathering continuous research or audit traces.

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DNSCheck - a DNS quality checker

DNSCheck is a DNS quality checker. This new version of DNSCheck features an extensible architecture, where new test modules can be added easily.

Two major applications are being be developed - a interactive web interface and a batch processor.

There is an informative web page here:

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DNSCAP - DNS traffic capture utility

dnscap is a network capture utility designed specifically for DNS traffic. It produces binary data in pcap(3) format. This utility is similar to tcpdump(1), but has a number of features tailored to DNS transactions and protocol options.

OARC likes to use dnscap for DITL data collections. Some of its features include:

  • Understands both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Captures UDP, TCP, and IP fragments.
  • Collect only queries, responses, or both (-s option)
  • Collect for only certain source/destination addresses (-a -z -A -Z options)
  • Periodically creates new pcap files (-t option)
  • Spawns an upload script after closing a pcap file (-k option)
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TAHI DNS - DNS Client Conformance Test Tool

DNS Client Conformance Test Tool

Release-1.0 TAHI DNS client conformance test tool

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fpdns - DNS fingerprinting tool

DNS fingerprinting tool, very accurate, wide range of DNS version fingerprints included.

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OARC Degraded Service

Update: As of 06:00 PST 2014-01-28, we believe all OARC services have been fully restored. Please contact us if you see anything not working as expected.

The failure of a power supply distribution component at our Redwood City location caused a number of OARC servers to crash late on Sunday 26th January. As a consequence, various OARC services are unavailable until we can restore these servers. The affected servers have been moved to alternate power supplies until we are able to repair/replace the supply to the impacted rack, and we are working to restore services from backups, with a current estimate of Wed/Thu 29th/30th Jan to complete this.

The following services are affected

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OARC Programme Committee

Programme Committee Members

DNS-OARC has a Programme Committee of 7 volunteers who's role is to solicit and review material for OARC Workshops and other meetings. The current members are:

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Name Organization Role
Mehmet Akcin