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DNS-OARC Supports High-Risks Strings Collisions Studies

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Verisign Make Major Donation in Support of DNS-OARC

DNS-OARC is pleased to announce that we have received a substantial one-off donation from Verisign to assist with OARC development.

This, together with future member meeting sponsorship support as well as higher than expected rates of member upgrades and premium renewals, has allowed us to revise our 2013 budget on a notably increased revenue base.

Verisign's donation is being used for two main purposes:

  • to increase the staff time available to devote to OARC operations and development, now a total of 1.75 FTE
  • to purchase new server hardware including support of services to the DNS Root Operators

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OARC Fall 2013 Workshop (Phoenix)

DNS-OARC is pleased to announce that its 2013 Fall Workshop and Member AGM will take place in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on the 5th and 6th October.

This will be held in co-operation with the subsequent NANOG59 meeting, and we are grateful to NANOG and ICANN for their support of our workshop.

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Maintenance Work at the DNS-OARC

Starting in early June and over the next few months, the DNS-OARC will be engaged in a program to augment and replace its systems to support its various services. The upgrades are intended to accommodate user and collaborator demand for the long term as the DNS-OARC experiences growth, both in the collection, storage and analysis of data as well as in the use of its tools by the Internet public.

Please pardon the occasional outages in the interim that you may encounter - it's a work in progress, but important work nonetheless.

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Contacting OARC

To contact OARC, you can send e-mail to admin at

You can also look for users denesh, sgraves, keith, dalini and wfms on the OARC jabber server.

For Billing/Finance inquiries, please e-mail billing at

OARC's phone numbers are:

  • Support/NOC:
    +1 650 423 1344
  • Fax:
    +1 650 423 1355
  • President (Keith Mitchell):
    +1 650 423 1348
  • Members (Sue Graves):
    +1 650 423 1323
  • Systems (William Sotomayor):
    +1 650 423 1447
  • Projects (Dalini Khemlani):
    +1 650 423 1448
  • Events (Denesh Bhabuta):
    +1 650 423 1455
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DNS-OARC Participation Application

Use the form below to begin the process of applying for DNS-OARC membership.

Participant Information

Participant (organization) name:

Type of organization (corporation, non-profit, government agency, etc):

Organized under the laws of which country?

Countries in which you have been authorized to do business:

Country in which headquarters are located:

How many years have you been in business?

How many years have you operated a domain name server?

Have you or your organization (including all employees and consultants) ever been convicted of or investigated for any cyber crimes, such as hacking, creation of worms, viruses, Trojan horses, etc.? No Yes
If yes, please explain:

Are there any legal restrictions which would limit your ability to fully function as a Participant of DNS-OARC, including limitations on your ability to keep information from other Participants confidential? No Yes
If yes, please explain:

Approximate number of employees:

Approximate gross revenue ($USD) per annum:

Are you now or have you ever been involved in operating a root server?: No Yes

Are you now or have you ever been involved in operating a TLD server?: No Yes

Which best describes your organization's role with respect to DNS?:
Law Enforcement

Participation Level

At which level do you intend to participate within DNS-OARC?
Platinum (greater than $20,000/year)
Gold ($12,500/year, 8 contacts)
Silver ($8,500/year, 5 contacts)
Bronze ($5,500/year, 3 contacts)
Blue ($1,000/year, 2 contacts)

If applying for Supporter Level membership, please state your justification. This can be contributing to the yearly DITL data collection or the on-going DSC data contribution or some other in-kind benefit to the community. (Max 250 characters.)

Administrative Contact

Where should DNS-OARC send legal notices?

Admin Contact Person:

Admin Address:

Admin Email:

Admin Fax:

Billing Information

Do you require a purchase order prior to invoicing?

Purchase Order Number:

Where should DNS-OARC send invoices and billing inquiries?

Billing Contact Person:

Billing Address:

Billing Email:

Billing Fax:

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New Root Operator Representative Appointed to OARC Board

After more than 4 years of service to DNS-OARC, Matt Larson of Verisign recently took the decision to stand down as the Root Operator's representative to the OARC Board.

After deliberation, OARC's Root Servers Advisory Committee has decided to appoint John Crain, representing ICANN/L-Root, as his replacement.

DNS-OARC would like to congratulate John on his appointment and to thank Matt for his contribution and commitment.

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2012 OARC Election Results and Toronto Workshop

DNS-OARC would like to congratulate Antoin Verschuren and Ondrej Filip for their recent election to the Board of Directors of DNS-OARC during the AGM held at the ICANN meeting in Toronto.

Our thanks to Stephane Bortzmeyer for his many terms of service.

The Toronto workshop was a great success with over 75 attendees and a number of excellent presentations. The agenda and presentations have been linked off the workshop agenda page and off the ICANN meetings page which includes both PDF and a copy of the audiocast Adobe Connect sessions.

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Keith Mitchell named Executive Director

Dear OARC members,

On behalf of the board, I'm very pleased to announce our new Executive Director, Keith Mitchell.

This continues the long-standing association that Keith, who comes with outstanding qualifications, has had with OARC. He was OARC's first President and under his leadership, OARC grew from a subsidized project within the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) to a self-sustaining independent organization.

Keith, who returns to OARC after leaving ISC, will work half-time for OARC beginning October 1 and will be present at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on October 14.

Please join me in welcoming Keith!

Matt Larson,
Chairman, OARC, Inc.

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Call for Nominees - 2012 OARC Board of Directors

At the upcoming AGM DNS-OARC members will be electing two directors for its board of directors.

We are looking for nominations for candidates willing to serve a two-year term on the Board and contribute to the continued growth of OARC. The Board meets monthly, by teleconference, to review DNS-OARC operations. We expect our directors to actively contribute to the various ongoing, email based, discussions and provide feedback as needed.

An ideal candidate will be one with the business experience to help formulate strategy and guide the policy that drives DNS-OARC. To be eligible, a candidate must be from an DNS-OARC Member in good standing.

If you would like to nominate (or self-nominate) a candidate, please send an email to with a brief background. We will be asking nominees for a statement of interest.

The list of current nominees is available online and will be updates as candidates step forward. (

Cut off for nominations is September 30th.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.


Matt Larson
Chairman, DNS-OARC

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