Workshop Patronage & Sponsorship

The Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center (DNS-OARC) is a non-profit, membership organization that seeks to improve the security, stability, and understanding of the Internet's DNS infrastructure. OARC's mission includes organizing workshops which build relationships among its community, enable knowledge transfer, and increase awareness of the DNS's significance.

OARC's workshops represent a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of your organization, products and services to the key influencers who operate the Internet's DNS and other key players in the global Internet community.

As a non-profit organization, OARC relies on registration fees, patronage and sponsorship to help with the costs for its programme of workshops.

OARC workshops run for two days comprising a range of technical presentations embodying state-of-the-art knowledge of running and protecting the Internet's mission critical DNS infrastructure, to a global audience. Attendance includes established OARC members and other interested parties including root operators, top-level DNS registries, registrars, ISPs, software vendors and researchers - people often quite difficult to reach by other means.

OARC workshops are generally co-located with the larger RIPE, NANOG, ICANN, and IETF meetings, rotating among European, North American, and other international locations.

You may financially support OARC Workshops by opting to become one or more of:

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To arrange patronage and/or sponsorship, or for more information, please contact Denesh Bhabuta via


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Annual Workshop Patronage

  • Principal - $75,000 per annum
    • Limited to 2 organizations
  • Premium - $50,000 per annum
    • Limited to 3 organizations
  • Promoter - $25,000 per annum
    • Limited to 4 organizations

Individual Workshop Sponsorship

  • Host - $75,000 - $100,000
    • Single host or 2 co-hosts
  • Deluxe - from $10,000
    • 4 ways to be a Deluxe sponsor
      • 1 Day Deluxe sponsorship ($10,000)
      • 2 Days (full workshop) Deluxe sponsorship ($15,000)
      • Connectivity ($15,000)
      • AV ($15,000)
  • Associate - $6,000
    • 4 ways to be an Associate sponsor
      • Coffee Breaks
      • Lunches
      • Social Event
      • 2 Days (full workshop) Associate sponsorship
  • Contributor - minimum $2,000
    • 4 ways to be a Contributor sponsor
      • Survey Giveaway
      • Meetup Station
      • General Contributor sponsorship
      • OARConline sponsorship

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