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dnsperf and resperf are free tools developed by Nominum/Akamai (2006-2018) and DNS-OARC (since 2019) that make it simple to gather accurate latency and throughput metrics for Domain Name Service (DNS). These tools are easy-to-use and simulate typical Internet, so network operators can benchmark their naming and addressing infrastructure and plan for upgrades. The latest version of the dnsperf and resperf can be used with test files that include IPv6 queries.

dnsperf “self-paces” the DNS query load to simulate network conditions. New features in dnsperf improve the precision of latency measurements and allow for per packet per-query latency reporting is possible. dnsperf is now multithreaded, multiple dnsperf clients can be supported in multicore systems (each client requires two cores). The output of dnsperf has also been improved so it is more concise and useful. Latency data can be used to make detailed graphs, so it is simple for network operators to take advantage of the data.

resperf systematically increases the query rate and monitors the response rate to simulate caching DNS services.

Distribution Packages

Packages for Debian, Ubuntu and RPM (CentOS, Fedora, RHEL, SLE and openSUSE) can be found here:


The following releases of the dnsperf and resperf software are available for download along with the changelog.

File Date Size
dnsperf-2.14.0.tar.gz January 18, 2024 459K
dnsperf-2.13.1.tar.gz August 23, 2023 456K
dnsperf-2.13.0.tar.gz June 15, 2023 450K
dnsperf-2.12.0.tar.gz May 21, 2023 450K
dnsperf-2.11.2.tar.gz March 16, 2023 448K
dnsperf-2.11.1.tar.gz March 10, 2023 448K
dnsperf-2.11.0.tar.gz February 8, 2023 448K
dnsperf-2.10.0.tar.gz November 11, 2022 441K
dnsperf-2.9.0.tar.gz December 8, 2021 437K
dnsperf-2.8.0.tar.gz November 2, 2021 436K
dnsperf-2.7.1.tar.gz September 17, 2021 434K
dnsperf-2.7.0.tar.gz August 9, 2021 433K
dnsperf-2.6.0.tar.gz May 31, 2021 421K
dnsperf-2.5.2.tar.gz March 25, 2021 421K
dnsperf-2.5.1.tar.gz March 22, 2021 419K
dnsperf-2.5.0.tar.gz March 12, 2021 419K
dnsperf-2.4.2.tar.gz February 23, 2021 411K
dnsperf-2.4.1.tar.gz February 9, 2021 411K
dnsperf-2.4.0.tar.gz December 9, 2020 411K
dnsperf-2.3.4.tar.gz May 15, 2020 398K
dnsperf-2.3.3.tar.gz May 6, 2020 395K
dnsperf-2.3.2.tar.gz August 23, 2019 393K
dnsperf-2.3.1.tar.gz July 24, 2019 393K
dnsperf-2.3.0.tar.gz July 17, 2019 393K
dnsperf-2.2.1.tar.gz January 28, 2019 384K
dnsperf-2.2.0.tar.gz January 25, 2019 384K

See sha256.txt or sha512.txt for checksums.

The dnsperf and resperf software is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Sample Data

Sample query data file for use with dnsperf and resperf.


See for instructions how to install the software and the included manual pages on how to run the software.

There are also older PDF's from v2.0.0.0 that may be of help: dnsperf.pdf resperf.pdf

Code Repositories

You can clone the code repositories from GitHub:

$ git clone

Archived Downloads

Archive of the previously Nominum/Akamai hosted files can be found here: