Mr. DNS Lives!

Great news everyone! Matt Larson and Cricket Liu are resurrecting their Ask Mr. DNS advice column as a podcast:
Sadly, after Acme’s acquisition by VeriSign in 2000, Mr. DNS began the downward spiral into dissolution and iniquity so familiar to those in the public eye. When Matt and Cricket tracked Mr.

TechCrunch Article: Who Protects The Internet?

In his Who Protects The Internet? article, Matt Rutherford mentions something near and dear to us as an example of hackers, er, citizens protecting the Internet:
Just look at Dan Kaminsky, a computer consultant who discovered a fundamental flaw in DNS, allowing him control over any website online. This flaw was astounding in what it gave access to – yet Dan Kaminsky didn’t turn to a government agency or organization, or abuse the hack himself.

ISC SIE cache poisoning attempt detection tool

Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 18:22:46 -0400 From: Robert Edmonds To: dns-operations Subject: [dns-operations] release of ISC SIE cache poisoning attempt detection tool hi, ISC SIE has developed a tool for detecting cache poisoning attempts. it consists of two parts: ncaptool, the part which performs packet gathering, reassembly, and dns filtering; and mod_urstate, a message processing module which attempts to statefully detect unsolicited responses that may be indicative of cache poisoning attempts.